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Dance Programs

Prospect Heights Park District offers many types of dance classes for your enjoyment & fun! Your young ones will learn creative movement, basic motor and coordination skills, classroom cooperation, awesome dance steps to rhythm and beats and the chance to make new friends in class as well! You'll find dance classes for everyone from Ballet to Hip Hop to Jazz & Tumbling! To view our current offerings, visit our Stay and Play Online Registration System & browse our Dance Programs...


Class descriptions:

Acro - Learn elements of acrobatic dance, focusing on flexibility, straighten, balance, tumbling, and more. Class emphasis
is geared towards developing technique required to perform balances, tumbling and partner group tricks on stage to
enhance a complete dance routine. No shoes required.
Ballet/Ballet & Tap - This class offers a chance for young dancers to be introduced to creative movement and new
friendships! We will learn room directions, basic motor and coordination skills, and classroom cooperation. Ballet and tap
shoes required.

Hip Hop - This class will include the fundamentals of Hip Hop and introduce additional dance steps and movements as
the class progresses. Jazz shoes required.

Hip Hop Jazz - During the jazz part of class we will be working on improving tricks and technique. In jazz, we will also be
focusing on smooth and continuous movement. During the hip hop section of class we will grounding our movements,
and getting into the urban groove by learning choreography including a lot of cool moves that you may have seen in your
favorite music videos. Jazz Shoes required.

Jazz - Learn syncopated rhythms, choreography, techniques, and skills. Have fun while rat-a-tatting away! Jazz shoes

Princess Ballet - Calling all Little Princesses.... Join us for this fun introduction to Ballet where we will learn basic ballet
steps. Put on your finest princess wear or your favorite Tutu and join us for a trip to fantasy land! Ballet shoes required.

Poms Class - Hip hop and dance movement with poms. Jazz shoes required.

Company - This 1 hour class will involve not only learning and extending our dance terminology, but it will open dancers
to a variety of dance styles. Ballet, tap, and jazz shoes required. This class is a great idea if you plan on trying out for our
Competitive Dance Team this Fall. This class is required for our current Dance Team members.

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